Bonnie Hamilton - Retired


Bonnie Hamilton is now retired, but if you would like legal assistance, please contact Marshall Bluestone or Anthony Zunino.


Bonnie enjoys passing on legal education to attorneys and non-attorneys alike.  As a regular participant in the nationally-recognized "Law Day" (which has turned into "Law Weeks" in Sonoma County through its Bar Association), she brings significant legal and constitutional concepts to high school students. 

She has presented on various legal issues locally and state-wide to attorneys on such topics as:

Employee Privacy Issues: Olsen Staffing hosted, for members of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce, Santa Rosa (1999)

Due Process and Equal Protection Issues: Case Study of Estate of Macias v. County of Sonoma:  California County Counsel Sheriff Study Section Meeting Spring 2001 Meeting (with Michael D. Senneff) Santa Clara (April 2001)

The Bane Act: An Overview:  California County Counsel Conference, Monterey, California (March 2004)

Jury Selection:  Sonoma County Bar Association (June 2007)

Preparation of Expanded Background Summaries/Classroom Coordination (8 Cases): Supreme Court of the State of California Special Oral Argument Session, Sonoma Country Day School (with two additional briefing partners) (October 2007)

Civil Litigation Update 2009: Sonoma County Bar Association (with three other presenters: 3 hour seminar) (March 2010)

Civil Litigation Update 2010: Sonoma County Bar Association (with three other presenters: 3 hour seminar) (January 2011)

False Claims Act: Friend or Foe?: Sonoma County Bar Association (June 2011)

What Marin Lawyers Need to Know about Sonoma County Civil Courts: Marin County CLE Fair, Marin County Bar Association (with Hon. Patrick Broderick) (October 2011)

Workplace Investigations: What, Where, When, and How: Sonoma County Bar Association (panel of four presenters) (August 2013)

It's Showtime! 100 Days Before Trial:  Redwood Empire Association of Paralegals (with Trudy McQuiddy, CP) (October 2013)

Civil Trial Practice Workshop:  An all-day event with judges and lawyers presenting a mock trial from start to finish; presented with Hon. Gary Nadler and John "Jack" DeMeo--Cross-examination (March 2014)

Civil Pretrial Practice Workshop- Part II: Return of the Litigator:  An all-day event with judges and lawyers presenting a mock case in the pretrial phases--from filing through discovery and mediation. Panelist with Rob Jackson, Esq. (Summary Judgment Motions) (April 2015)

The Untapped anti-SLAPP-- A detailed review of the very "special" motion to strike under CCP Section 425.16 and its pitfalls, presented with Hon. Nancy Shaffer and Suzanne Babb for the Sonoma County Bar Association (April 2016)

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: A Look at Gender Issues-- Part 2 of a program focusing on considerations for women in the litigation field, and a survey of gender statistics locally and nationally, presented with Traci Carrillo and Valorie Bader for Sonoma County Women in Law. (May 2016)

So You Think You Can Argue?!-- An educational program fashioned on current talent-based television shows, Bonnie and Traci Carrillo teamed up again for this fun, dynamic and interesting program on how to best prepare yourself for your first oral argument.... and what might happen should you fail to do so! Another engaging Women in Law presentation for new attorneys and law students. (2017)

Civil Trial Workshop    An All-Day Seminar for Those Who Try Cases in Superior Court: Panel participant, "Motions in Limine/Oppositions," (March 2019)

Recent Changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct:  An overview of the 42 new and 27 amended Rules of Professional Conduct, governing attorneys practicing in California (April 2019)