No One Brought an Umbrella to the Family Law Picnic!!

   Marshall Bluestone was in charge of the Family Law Section's annual picnic this year. His hard work (and Patti Tate's able assistance) resulted in ... much needed rain in Northern California. Here is his article which appeared in the SCBA Bar Journal (edited):

In the midst of the driest year in California history, where were you the day it rained on the 2014 Family Law Picnic?  Even cannonball-sized drops of rain could not dampen the festive atmosphere.  (That is a lie.)  Even the blast of the unending cold northern winds could not chill the joyous crowd (term used loosely).  (Another lie.)  Even the fiery lightning strikes that drove the masses of young children (well there were seven and I brought three of them) under the shelter of the metal plated tables could not darken the merriment.  (A whopper of a lie.)  After it was clear the deluge would not abate, the huddled 20 who had ignored their instinct and braved the elements stood uneasily in the mud soaked earth and perused the scene:  the carefully set tables readied for the “Chopped Kitchen” dessert contest now appearing as Yosemite-styled cliffs springing waterfalls; the smoked pulled pork meat blending with the spicy Aioli sauce into a thick stew; the seasoned garlic potatoes turning into vichyssoise; and the homemade croutons in the Caesar salad  floating like islands in the Mediterranean.  An immediate ex parte hearing was held.  Like so many blessed unions that start with high hopes for lasting success, the event came to an abrupt end as the lone Judicial Officer, the Hon. Louise Bayles-Fightmaster, without hesitation ordered from her splintered wooden bench an annulment. Restitution of any remaining food assets was made to St. Vincent’s, and the parties scurried to their vehicles and closed the file on the 2014 Family Law Picnic.